Faouziath Sanoussi

Faouziath Sanoussi

My name is Faouziath Sanoussi, PhD student in Food Processing and Value Addition from Benin republic. Specialized in FoodMicrobiology and Technology from University of Abomey-Calaviand involved in a research program focusing on Agricultural biodiversity, nutrition and health, I highly need international program/courses in English related to my area of expertise to improve my knowledge and my working capacity. It is the reason that motivated my registration in Food processing and value addition at Center of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment(CEADESE) of Federal University of Agriculture of Abeokuta.  In CEADESE, I have also expect to improve my communication skill in English, which is done now. My registration in this program is an opportunity to generate great talent researcher in my field for my country since it allow me to learn new trends in my field. In addition, being in such international Program allow me to create dynamics inter-institutional research cooperation between my country and others country for future collaboration.

Cherishing as mission to promote the valorization of local foods for balanced diet for sustainable food and nutrition security in Africa, I’m sure that CEADESE program will contribute to my vision to build and enhance local expertise in food products development and safety to achieve food sovereignty in the region.

Contact information 
Email: sfaouth2000@yahoo.fr


Tel: +229 9627 9941/ +234 9027254858


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