The main philosophy guiding the training of students in Livestock Science Programme, of Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE) arose out the dire need to produce new generation of young Scientists and cutting-edge research in Nigeria, West Africa, Sub region and Africa leading to enhanced livestock productivity through development of innovative and resourceful products, animal breeds/strains and safe nutritious feeds/foods in an environmental friendly and sustainable manner.

The regional skill manpower to be produced will be adequately furnished with comprehensive information required for engaging agricultural/livestock production in an environment characterised by rural setting and adequate land endowment. They are also expected to develop and maintain strong links with relevant agro-based industries; providing much needed practical on farm solution to identified simple and complex issues through targeted demand-driven end user oriented multidisciplinary research. Such knowledgeable professional manpower are to be carefully and painstakingly produced in an atmosphere endowed with the widest possible human and material resources through the adoption of effective techniques of instruction, and exposure to National and International partners, proven industry partners, captains of industries and seasoned academics.

Consequently, the programme provides opportunities for training only at Postgraduate levels leading to acquisition of new specialized research-based Masters (M.AgSE.) and Doctorate (Ph.D AgSE) degrees in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment.

The training in Livestock Science Programme of CEADESE are mounted through classroom instructions laboratory practicals, computer appreciation and information technology, on-farm demonstration, internship period to targeted farms/industries, excursion to National and regional operative farms/firms, critical case studies, individual and group seminars, personality lectures, soft skills training and international trade practice.


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