1. Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment Programme


  2. Agricultural Economics and Environment Policy Programme


  3. Crop/Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment Programme

    • M.AgSE (Crop/Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment )
    • PhD.AgSE (Options: Crop Production, Plant Breeding, Seed Technology, Crop Pathology, Crop Protection, Crop Entomology, Pasture Agronomy and Pasture Production).


  4. Food Processing and Value Addition Programme

    • M.AgSE (Food Processing and Value Addition)
    • PhD.AgSE (Option: Food Processing and Value Addition)


  5. Environment Systems and Agricultural Programme

    • M.AgSE (Environmental Systems and Agriculture)
    • PhD.AgSE (Options: Environmental Management, Hydrology, Waste Management and Mechanized Agriculture).



      1. Candidates of all nationalities within and outside Africa possessing qualifications equivalent to recognized first degrees in relevant disciplines are eligible to apply.


      1. The M. AgSE programe will generally be open to all agriculture graduates of B. Agric, B.Sc Agric, B. Tech Agric and B. Eng Agric. with a minimum of CGPA of 3.0. Holders of HND and other Degrees/Classes of Degree with PGD in any of Agriculture disciplines with a minimum weighted average score of 60% (or CGPA of 3.0 on a 5point scale) shall also be eligible for admission into the programme, on the condition that both set of candidates met basic university matriculation requirements of five (5) O’ level credits including English Language and Mathematics, and any other three (3) Science or relevant Social Science subjects.


      1. Admission into M.AgSE/PhD.AgSE – Agricultural Economics and Environmental Policy – shall be open to Bachelor Degree holders in Agricultural Economics or Economics.


      1. The PhD AgSE programme will be open to Master degree holders in courses that are relevant to the different options in the programme.


    1. Those with bachelors in Hydrology, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Management can apply for Environmental Systems and Agriculture.



    1. M.AgSE

      • Course work along with dissertation for 4 Semesters
      • 3 – 6 months of Internship starting at the end of second semester
      • The third and fourth semesters are solely for research projects
      • M. AgSE candidates that are World Bank scholars will not be funded beyond the 4th semester.


  1. PhD AgSE

    • PhD AgSE programmes will be research based, spanning 6 semesters.
    • Funded PhD AgSE programmes from the World Bank’s grant shall not be funded beyond the 6th semester (3 years).


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