BADMUS Olabode Ganiyua

BADMUS Olabode Ganiyua

My name is BADMUS Olabode Ganiyua PhD AgSE student in Environmental Systems and Climate Change. Myresearch interests include Groundwater Geophysics, Environmental Geophysics and Earthquake Seismology. More specially, mywork examines Groundwater contamination and its remediation.

After reading Physics Science at Lagos State University, I pursuedmy Master of Science in Physics at the University of Ibadan. Currently, I am onmy Doctoral Degree Programme at the Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

I am a member of professional bodies locally and internally such as the Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP), African Geophysical Society, and ICTP Network on Renewable Energy.

My personal vision is to promote quality education through international collaboration with scientists and corporate bodies in my area of specialization.

My extra-curricular activities includeplaying football, long tennis, and exploring the natural environment

Contact Information:

Phone No: +234 7033509958, +234 8028302388



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