S/N Programme Name – Designation
1. Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment Prof. O. O. Oluwatosin – Programme Leader
Dr J. A. Daramola – Deputy Programme Leader
2. Crop Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment Prof O. R. Pitan – Programme Leader
Dr E. O Idehen –  Deputy Programme Leader
3. Food Processing and Value Addition Prof T. A. Shittu – Programme Leader
Dr O. P. Sobukola –  Deputy Programme Leader
4. Agric. Mechanization and Sustainable Environment Prof. B. A. Adewumi – Programme Leader
Dr P. O. O. Dada –  Deputy Programme Leader
5. Agricultural Economics and Sustainable Policy Prof Mrs C. A. Afolami – Programme Leader
Dr  E. A. Obayelu –  Deputy Programme Leader
6. Environmental Systems and Climate Change Prof O. S. Awokola – Programme Leader
Dr B. S. Bada –  Deputy Programme Leader


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