The Food Processing and Value Addition shall offer the following degrees: M.AgSE and PhD.AgSE in Food Processing and Value Addition.



The current changes in the food industries is the shift of their mode of operation from supply-oriented into demand-oriented processing activities leading to substantial value addition to raw agricultural products. This is especially important in a changing environment like ours where satisfying consumers’ demands is becoming of higher priority. In addition, global demand for safe food is predicated by rapid demographic changes worldwide. In order for the food and its allied industries to cope with these changes, there is need to improve the capacity of graduates in the specialized areas of Food Processing and Value Addition in the sub-region of West Africa. The food processing of the raw agricultural materials is expected to add substantial value to the livelihood of all stakeholders in the products value chain and ensure value added products are made from livestock primary products like meat, chicken, milk and fish are available all year round in varieties, the right quality and quantity.



The objectives of the Food Processing and Value Addition programme are:

    • To produce competent food processors and value addition experts who will take up challenges in the areas of research, training and developmental needs in the private sector, academia and research institutes.


    • To produce competent food processors and value addition experts with high entrepreneurship orientation who can utilize their scientific and research orientation to create jobs and exploit science and technology for national food suficiency and development.


    • To produce graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in livestock food processing and value addition to products derived from meat, chicken, milk and fish.



Programme Structure

The M.AgSE programme has a total of 44 unit courses which comprises 10 units of centre courses, 24 units of compulsory option courses, 4 units of elective courses and theses seminar and research project carry 2 units and 4 units, respectively.


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