Degrees offered are M.AgSE and PhD. AgSE in Agricultural Economics and Environmental Policy with options in Production Economics, Resource and Environmental Economics, Agricultural Policy and Development, Agricultural Finance and Marketing. PhD. AgSE shall be by a combination of taught courses, seminar courses, supervised teaching and research. Every PhD student is expected to take and obtain satisfactory performances in all the following compulsory courses in addition to Seminars and Internship: M.AgSE is designed to combine sound knowledge of economic theory, entrepreneurship, planning, marketing, financing, monitoring and evaluation, and scientific methodologies with indepth understanding of sustainability science in training skilled professionals that can support private, public and international decision making and policy analysis on issues relating to livestock production and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.


The dearth of suitable manpower to manage Agro-industrial enterprises profitably and sustainably in the nation, informed the floating of the programme. It will thus be a bridge builder producing well-grounded products that will manage agro-industrial enterprises sustainably coupled with sound having sound knowledge on theory and practice. The philosophy of the programme is to train students to design, perform, lead, and implement economic research in Agricultural Economics and Environmental Policy. Holders of the Degrees would be able to solve marketing, production and financial related problems in management of Livestock production.


  • To produce sound and well informed managers of Agro-Industrial enterprises.
  • To produce graduates that will be sound in policy formulation and be asset in both public and private decision making.
  • To produce graduates that can be self-employed rather than job seekers.
  • To produce graduates that will formulate policy for sustainable agro-industrial production.
  • To produce graduates that will explore our natural resources sustainably.

Programme Structure

The Masters Programme in Agricultural Economics and Environmental Policy is structured to have general center courses of 10 units, programme courses of 26 units, thesis (6 units), seminars (2 units) and internship (4 units).


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